#03 [ENG] Supply Chain Management – Stephanie Benedetto from Queen of Raw

von | 27.10.2020 | Podcast

#03 [ENG] Supply Chain Management - Stephanie Benedetto from Queen of Raw

von Jasmin Horn | Sustainable Business Champions

My guest in the third episode is Stephanie Benedetto – The founder of Queen of Raw, an online marketplace for unused textiles. With her business Stephanie makes a contribution to a cleaner earth and is investing in new digital methods.

Stefanie says: “I think we can learn a lot from the history and past and the old-school way of doing things but also see the opportunity to do better in the future, to leverage tools like modern technology to improve upon certain issues especially what is going on today and come out of it not only surviving but thriving”.

Together we talk about the potential of digitization in supply chain management.

?How do unusual business ideas develop?
?What is the potential of new technology for improving sustainability?
?How does Covid-19 impact the digitization of businesses?
?What does it mean to transform your supply chain?

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